A Nutcracker Poem

A Nutcracker Poem

We were very proud of the academy students who had been selected to participate in Ballet Palm Beach’s The Nutcracker! It meant long hours at the studio and at the theatre in rehearsals with our professional company.

During the rehearsal process of Party Scene, students learned about the importance of acting and were encouraged to create a name for their character and backstory.

our creative academy student, Francesca

Our creative academy student, Francesca










Miss Francesca Johnson, our academy student, certainly went above and beyond for this acting assignment as she crafted a poem from the perspective of her character who is a guest at Clara’s Christmas party! Here is a section of it.

The carriage jerked, and off they went

To Clara’s house for the big event

As they arrived to much delight

The crowds were dancing

The lights shone bright.

The Christmas tree stood in the middle of all

As the children giggle at their first ball.

The windows gleamed with the shimmering snow

That had just begun to blow

The room was filled

With holly greens

And tinsel and bows all nice and clean.

The only thing missing was her loving dad

Which truly made the children sad.

For he was away in the Prussian War

And only wishing he could see them more.

Then all at once the festivities commenced

When Uncle Drosselmeyer broke the suspense

To Clara, he gave a wonderful toy,

The Nutcracker that gave her absolute joy.

But all too soon the end came to be

And the children went home filled up with glee.

Thinking of the enchanting and wonderful night

That made their Christmas merry and bright.


Brava, Francesca!