Performance collage 2

Our performing company, Ballet Palm Beach (BPB), welcomes Ballet Palm Beach Academy students in the Levels IV and up to augment their classes with performance opportunities such as The Nutcracker and BPB’s other ballets. Upper Division students may audition to participate on a yearly basis. Students in Lower and Middle Divisions may audition on a per performance basis.

In addition, year end performances are presented by all of the Ballet Palm Beach Academy students to showcase our students’ talent and yearly progress for parents, relatives and friends. These performances are held at studio performance space.  No additional fees will be collected for this performance.

Your child will be involved in choreography that requires consistent practice with the full class. Please support our efforts to encourage commitment and a sense of team effort by being diligent about class attendance in the months preceeding this year-end performance.

Students /Adults & Older Teens paying by the class or by class card are not included in this performance.

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