5 Reasons to See “Romeo and Juliet”

5 Reasons to See “Romeo and Juliet”

The original title was going to be “5 Fantabulous Reasons That will Leave You Thoroughly Convinced That Your Life Will NOT Be Complete Until You See Ballet Palm Beach’s Romeo And Juliet And  Persuade You To Unleash Dolorous Remonstrances, Manifesting Chiefly In Cries Of ‘Oh, You Party Pooper You’ If All Your Friends And Relations Do Not Share In Your Newfound Fervor,” but upon reflection thought it a tad overdone. And, I might get nasty letters.

1) A Shakespearean Classic! A familiar tale retold through the lyrical and passionate movement of dance! See the ineffability of the Bard’s poetry take human form.

2) A Time for Romance. Valentine’s Day is just a few days before the show. Why not take your date to a romantic ballet that following weekend. How sophisticated!

3) Ah… the Music. It’s by Prokofiev. No explanation needed. CLICK HERE for a sample if you dare.

4) Swordfights! Action! Revenge! Chases! Escapes! Romeo and Juliet is the closest thing to “The Princess Bride” (minus the R.O.U.S.’s (Rodents Of Unusual Size) … you come to Nutcracker for those) the ballet world has to offer. It’s not all love-y -dove-y. Most of it is pure action, and it has exciting sword fighting scenes. (Also, perhaps one of the more dangerous ballets to rehearse and perform- those swords are sharp metal… yikes!)

5) Support Local. Ballet Palm Beach is your professional ballet company! Our staff, dancer, crew all live and work here in Palm Beach County. When you buy tickets to our show, you directly support the local economy and the local arts! Thank you!

What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets online HERE or call our Box Office: 561-814-5598 (psst…. if you are a student or want to rally a group together,  you get a discount. Call for more info!)